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Black Hat 2023
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Executives & Engineers

  1. The event is closed to sales and marketing professionals. (only sponsors allowed inside)
  2. The event is powered by the CISO Network and the CISO of HP/GM/Samsung/Harman
  3. Attendance is already at 37% expectancy and consists of industry decision makers.

Info Request

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Attendance by the numbers

600 current registrations

+ plus 200 more expected.

Final Count = 1368!

When and Where

Date and Time: August 10th 4PM (Thursday)
Location: 1923 Prohibition Bar inside Mandalay Bay

Current 2023 Registrations

Registrations expected outside our network 1-3 weeks before the event. (typical pattern)

No Data Found

Weighted titles as of July 10th

completed registrations by position title

    • AVP Cybersecurity
    • CEO
    • Chief Strategist
    • CIO
    • CISO
    • CTO
    • Cloud Architect
    • Cybersecurity Engineer
    • Cybersecurity Head
    • Cybersecurity Supplier Manager
    • Director – Risk and Information Security
    • Director of Security
    • Architecture
    • Head of Security
    • Partner Co-Founder
    • VP of Security

for this event we can not accept non-sponsored vendors/sales professionals as guests

Network Support

Main source of registrations from well established industry veterans and executive networks.

Vendor Interaction Opportunities

Uniquely designed interactions by the hosts will highly increase interactions between attendees and vendors.

Hosted By

Maurice Stebila
Maurice Stebila
Founder of CxO InSyte
30 years as CISO for
> General Motors
> Harman Kardon
> Samsung
> Hewlett-Packard
Bradford Haizlett
Bradford Haizlett
Founder of CISO Network
18 years Sr. Director for
> CISO Network
> HUMAN Security
> InQuest
> Malwarebytes

Access Control / Data Collection

Ticked entry – scanned QR codes at event entrance.

This provides great insight and improves post event follow-up conversion efforts by being relevant and informed.

Premium Data Collection and Tracking

Intelligent data is collected at the registration page, follow up questions, post event interest interactions and invitations.

How access control helps you

We scan tickets at the entry

This gives you to ability to speak to your audience correctly.



I did not attend the Secure Miami Event

Blackberry among others have the list of the attendees from Secure Miami and here is how they used that information.

Do Not Make this COMMON MISTAKE – CisoCiso.com is your insight to smart data collection and intelligent outreach.

This is what attendees dread by giving their details.

This email will not get a response and is spam by definition

Brand Placement on Event Page

Multiple locations on the registration page for your brand messaging. All tracking data included. Use our creative or provide your own. Event drinks in top sponsor categories.

Branding areas in red by clicking the image to the right

Media Posts

Casual articles attracting interest into your problem solving solutions: drive awareness, promote the brand, attract organic traffic and help give a larger reach whilst promoting your brand thru the CISOCISO platform.

11% of registrations were from blog posts!

Watch the tech overview:

All the ingredients of a conference packed into this event for the most efficient customer service, branding opportunities and follow up messaging.

Premium Boost Option

With the granular bi-directional communication tools by the CISOCISO platform – we can offer a brand promotion boost for your brand thru highly personalized, anecdotal, native-ad style drip marketing sequences pre and post event. 

This is limited to 3 sponsors and can easily boost your presence by 3X for attendees who checked-in to the event and the ones who could not make it.

Lock It Down Party

Creating more value for your brand than what you expected from a Vegas Party...

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