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Discover the ultimate solution for your cybersecurity event challenges with our comprehensive range of services.

We specialize in generating warm, qualified leads through our network of over 51,000 cybersecurity executives, ensuring optimal attendance for your events, webinars, and conferences.

Our expertise in creating high-converting landing pages and attracting sponsorship dollars will amplify your event’s impact, while our state-of-the-art ticketing platform with QR code access control guarantees a seamless experience for your guests.

Leveraging the latest web standards and a growing audience of 290,000 cybersecurity professionals, our seasoned creative production team and director-level cybersecurity experts work passionately to deliver outstanding results.

Trust us to elevate your cybersecurity event to new heights and pave the way for long-lasting success.

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These are the problems we solve:

1. Qualified Leads

Warm qualified leads that create pipeline – you need more of them.

2. Finding Attendees for events / webinars / conferences

You have your event and your sponsors now you need to fill the guest list.

3. Your sign-up pages are not converting

Your event is a winner but people are not signing up in relation to the page visits

4. Attracting sponsorship dollars

The vendor can’t see the value you bring them to justify your ask.

5. Access control to your ticketed event

You don’t have QR codes issued to guests and can’t scan tickets for entry

These are the solutions we offer:

1. Qualified Leads

Our lead sources:

  • Our existing network of 51,000+ cybersecurity executives.
  • Hyper focused landing pages for webinars, events, dinners and conferences.
  • Adding onto your lead generation efforts.
  • Our daily requests to join our network.

2. Finding Attendees for events / webinars / conferences

We offer multiple ways to achieve full attendance by leveraging your resources and our resources in clever, yet simple ways. (our expertise)

3. Your sign-up pages are not converting

We create, deploy and manage hyper focused landing pages that convert lookers to attendees.

4. Attracting sponsorship dollars

We consult to learn your goals and your sponsors expectations to produce (why didn’t I think of that) solutions that create value before, during andpost event.

5. Access control to your ticketed event

Our ticketing platform issues tickets with QR codes that are scanned at the door (your own ticketm@ster style solution)

These are the resources we utilize:

1. Seasoned creative production

Clever content and design production staff that is focused on cybersecurity solutions, trends, brand awareness and event producer needs. 

2. The latest web standards

Fast, intuitive and lead generating web pages, forms, blog posts all built and designed in best of class technology.

3. A growing audience of 290,000

Since 2007 we have attracted active cybersecurity executives and professionals from all industries. Our messaging reaches them instantly.

4. Director level cybersecurity experience

The largest part of the CISOCISO team is comprised of seasons cybersecurity executives to further enforce our expertise in this field.

5. A passion for producing results

Our bottom line is 100% dependent on repeat business. Confirmation is based on your subsequent job requests…

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