SuperchargešŸš€ your next event with a superior registration process and smart engagement!

Finally an answer the the question:
What do we use to power our event?

We've got you from registration, check-in, follow up to analytics!

The smartest solution in 2023 using the best known practices for guest registration, access control, customer service, and sponsorship integration. All in a scalable format that will supercharge your results!

Your upcoming Cybersecurity event, webinar or conference needs a professional attendee registration solution.

Professional presentation, targeted data collection, properly timed pre/post event notifications, professionally written and formatted content, sponsor related integration, venue related considerations, and more than anything the highest conversion possible for attendance.

QR code issued to each attendee to be scanned at event entrance for access control and analytics. Drip content that attracts sponsors and enhances the attendee experience.

Form on page, Eventbrite, simple email. Not professionally managed.

A highly efficient and focused platform providing a premium guest experience with “results producing” sponsorship functionality. Entrance scanners to track check-ins vs no-shows. A cluster of experienced Chief Marketing Executives and content producers working with the latest tech to ensure your event is acquiring the max amount of qualified attendees available for your date.

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Go Beyond Boring Event Registrations and deliver superior value to your guests, sponsors and stakeholders!

say goodbye to the typical form or eventbrite "eye roller" :-/ reactions to your event page and use ours instead!

You never get a second chance to make that first impression.

5 things you should do right now to improve your next event

... once we understand your offering and resources you will have a lot more than 5 ...


Ask your attendees specific questions about what they personally want to get out of the event and what they expect will be provided. And ACT on that information!


Prepare and deployed a schedule drip sequence that prepare your attendees for the event. This will help enable them to extract the most value and keep your event current in their mind.


Present specific problem and solution articles from your sponsors. This way your attendees are aware of the value to be received from the sponsors and use this information to gain the maximum value from your event.


Prepare a page that describes how to get to your event, where to park, enter the building, how to check-in, a map of the event and its amenities. This is a visual rehearsal to prepare them for what's to come, giving everyone involved the attention they will not get elsewhere.


Prepare meaningful follow-up messages for attendees that showed up vs. no-shows. This should include a visual summary of the event, its highlights, anecdotes and the overall mood of what took place. This will resonate with them and lead the way for future messages.

Our Top Features for 2023:
Which will dramatically improve your quality and image.

Our passion for quality and retaining clients is behind every feature we craft!

QR Code Ticketed Check-in

Simply knowing which attendee physically walked into your event is a critical data point for many obvious reasons. The most overlooked reason is post event follow-up. How can you connect with someone and expect them to respond without knowing if they were actually at your event? The solution is simple: scan tickets at the door.

Granular 2-way Communication

The problem: most communication is a one-way broadcast of text. We are able to READ email and SMS responses to then act based on their response. We do this automatically and at scale. 95% of operators do not do this. The result is: people ignore your messaging (unless you are giving away free stuff which distorts the entire point of engagement).

The Importance of Networking in Phoenix

Relevant Data Collection and usage

Collecting names, emails and potentially phone numbers are expected. However collecting RELEVANT data is the key. This improves the attendees experience by tailoring things to the individual. It enhances the quality of your production and gives sponsors insight they can't get without you. Serve everyone better with relevant data collection.

Tremendous story telling opportunities

With our unrestricted technology platform, we have the full capability of inserting relative content and stories that benefit, promote and bring awareness to all parties involved. This is baked into every feature we offer and can be used anyway required to exceed your goals.

Dive Deeper with SecuritySocial

Pixel Perfect Design and Messaging

You can be sure that the messaging we design and create along side you and your CMO will be easy to digest and consume by anyone interesting in attending your event. Graphics, layout, flow; all tailored to meet and exceed your expectations and will leave you wondering why it took you son long to find us!We are your secondary CMO and design team. The success of our efforts dictates whether or not we continue with you at subsequent events. We compliment your existing marketing and operate under your brand guidelines with special focus on making the event seamlessly flow with your brand.

Casual summary of the platform in action:

Attendees will have zero distractions to your event or messaging. No 3rd party checkout, ads or client poaching.

That's Not All... There's More

If you thought that we're done, nope, we have got more in store for you...

Use your email domain

Keep your branding yours. Create a email sub-domain and we'll run all emails thru your name.

Dedicated phone number

SMS part of your focus? We'll set you up with your own dedicated number and only send thru that number!

Marketing Assistance

Leverage our extremely granular two way communication streams precicely on schedule that is sure to not only impress but be executed to perfection. We are great story tellers.

Warm-Up your lists

Leverage our tech to automate your outreach slowly and ensure a full house when the doors open. Sky is the limit on creativity when it comes to communication strategies!

Pick a Plan That Matches Your Goals:

Each event has different ingredients, importance level and expeted outcomes

Smart Registration

Enough to out perform any other solution in the market.

the value play...

Ticketed Access

The essentials plus ticketed check-in and access control.

Relevant Outreach

Fully automated outreach and post event drip campaigns with precision and personalization

Hiring us is peace of mind.

We are in the business of doing, not just saying we can. Once you witness a demo of the system in action, the power it brings to your event be obvious. It will also highlight the weakness in solutions you have used in the past.

Our goal is a long term partnership. The more we know about you, the better we can serve you. The longer we work together, the more effective that partnership becomes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Non-Exhaustive List of questions we recieve that should make your decision to call as speak with us very easy.


What does it cost?


Ok, we're going right for the jugular on the first question - no problem! We can offer a very basic intro package that gets you started with a smart registration page and list of attendees in real-time! We can get this live in 3 days.


What can you provide to help?


As much information about your event, its resources, its past, its expectations, its partners, its target audience and artwork as possible. The more information we have is the more effective the conversions will be. What you expect from your guests, sponsors and venue. We are your front line ambassadors and will employ everything we can to make it a success from our side.


What options are there to pull attendee data?


Here we can connect to you via live API, Google Sheets, WebHook, Daily Data Dumps. Depending on the level of integration and outreach we are involved in, you can have your own login to extract the data on your terms.


Can you import my current data when I switch?


90% of the time the answer is yes. The only area that gets fuzzy is if you have unique codes already issued. In the end anything is possible.

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